Friday, 6 April 2018

Indians Love their Religion not the country-India Against Casteism.

India Against Casteism Compaign.

Equal Rights and equal opportunities to Everyone.
Note-This article is for all castes and religion's in India.
Authors Caste -   Indian 
Sub-Caste-          Human.

Hello my dear Indian Nationals,

"You are selfish.You don't Love Country.You don't love humanity.You don't do anything for progress of the nation."

You fight for your own caste,You fight for Reservation, you fight for individual religion.
No one thinks about progress of India.What system Needed for progress of India.Everyone wants Reservation for their Caste.

No one wan't Equality > No one want Equal Rights .

Everyone begging for their own religions from government.

Lingayaths are fighting for Individual Religionship.
Maratha's,Jatts and all other castes are fighting for Reservation.
Marath Morch
Lingayat swatantra dharma

No one fights for Growth of the nation and Equality.
SC/ST are fighting for reservation and atrocity like stuff.
Who want Reservation in college admission and Jobs They are No more than beggars because They aren't eligible to fight with current competition and they are coward to fight with equality.

Until all the citizens,College students and Employment seekers get Equal Opportunities and rights in colleges and Jobs.
I bet You.
India will not come in list of Developed Nation.

The time when some castes getting injustices by other castes. That's why our Dear Babasaheb Ambedkar Supported the castes under injustice and helped them to grow.But it is for 10 years which are enough to come in equal race to other castes.
But like some people gets addicted to Alcohol,tobacco, These reserved people got addicted to easy jobs and education.
And they can't survive in this competitive environment without reservation.That's the reality and that's why people are fighting for their Castes.  

Why reservation is worst Concept?

Reservation F**k the Real talent.
Example- If Reserved get job even with 60% marks and Unreserved wouldn't even he gets 80% for a post of IAS or IPS.

Means who don't have talent becomes Police officer and who have the talent will become criminal because of no equality.
How this low graded police can catch the high graded smart Criminal.😂😂😅😅.

What a funny Indian System?Isn't It.

What thinking required for growth of India?

Equal rights and equal opportunity to everyone.

"I Don't Depends on my caste reservation.I am Dependent on My Talent and Hard Work."
"Every one in my nation are Indians No one is SC/ST or hindu or Muslim or Lingayath or anything else."
If everyone's think like this in India.India will definitely come in list of Developed countries.

                        We are Indians.
Ketan Pujari.

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