Sunday, 4 February 2018

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Happy Kiss day images, pictures.

Kiss Day images,pictures,SMS 2018.

a kiss is a process of pressing lips on another's lips or on any object.
a kiss is used to express love,romance,respect,care.
reasons of kiss,when and where to kiss,theory of kissing,how to kiss,what a kiss expresses
generally its on hands for showing respects ,for romance and love it is on lips and everywhere on body.given on hand to show respect and to show care kiss given on Head.


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Saturday, 3 February 2018

valentines day : rose day sms,quotes,images,wishes english

Best message of this years rose day 2017


valentine day : rose day sms,qoutes,images,wishes

ROSE DAY DATE 7 feb 2017

valentines day rose day sms in english

"Love is love,it cannot be explained 
  so only three words for you I LOVE YOU!"
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"Any one can love a rose But none love a leaf

Valentines days : rose flower images

Valentines days : rose day flower pictures,images

best rose pictures for your loved one

mixed color rose for valentine

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Images on promise day

Promise Day Images:

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Happy Teddy day, images, SMS, shayari, quotes

Happy Teddy day, images, SMS, shayari, quotes.

Teddy is a soft toy in the form of bear.
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Teddy day SMS 
"a soft cuddly teddy to show ;
I am always be there ,
This you should know."
happy teddy day

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Teddy bear day sms
"i wish to be a teddy bear that 
lay close to you.
so every time you cuddles it.
you cuddled me instead."
Happy teddy bear day!!!!

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Teddy day SMS for friend
"A cute teddy bear to my cute friend;
on a occasion just to say.

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Inspirational/Motiovational Thoughts,quotes.

Inspirational and motivational thoughts for life.


"Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind,
Bu great actions speak to all mankind." 

2-Mahatma Gandhi quotes thoughts.

“ An ounce of practice is worth
more than tons of preaching ”

 3-Image Quotes/thought on Success

"To be successful you dont need beautiful face and heroic body,
what you need 9is skillful mind and ability to perform."

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4-quotes on Past.

"Don't mention a persons past mistakes when they are trying to change.That's like throwing rocks at them while they are struggling to climb a mountain."

5-inspiring quotes on equality

“Until we get equality in education, we won't have an equal society.”

6-very inspiring and motivating quote

You were not created to live depressed,
defeated,guilty,condemned,ashamed or unworthy.
You were created to be victorious.

7-quotes on opportunities comfort

Don't burn your opportunities for temporary comfort.
quotes on opportunity,comfort

8-Quotes on life

"The tree does not bother about flowers that fall.
It is always busy making new flowers blossom.
Life is not about what we lost so far.It's about what 
we can still grow."

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  9-Motivating qoutes.

"When you complain,You make 
 yourself a victim.
 leave the situation,
 change the situation,
or accept it.
All else is madness.

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10-Inspiring quotes on Success

"successful people dont reach their goals alone."
"you are not successful until you help others succeed."
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11-Business life quote.

 “This is a learning in the business life that first of all you need to have commitment, dedication and passion for what you are doing.”

 12-quotes on mistakes + success.

Mistakes increases your experience
 and experiences decreases your mistakes.
"If you learn from your mistakes,Then others
Learn from your success."
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Thursday, 1 February 2018

kiss day sms & shayari

kiss day sms & shayari for hot valentines

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kiss day shayari hindi
तुम एक खूबसूरत गुलाब जैसी हो ,
बहोत नाजुक हो एक सपना जैसी ,
होठों से छूकर पि जावूं तुम्हे ,
सर से पाँव तक एक हो। 

valentines kiss day sms

i will give you 1 kiss to go to sleep,
i give you 2 kisses to dream,
i give you endless row of kisses,
when you wake-up in the morning
happy kiss day my sweetheart....

 Kiss day sms messeges
i want you to miss me,
when you think of me,
and when i am there,
hold me like i am your everything,
twiddle your fingers in my hair and
KISS ME ......💏

kiss day sms for true lovers
The best things in life are unseen,
thats why we close our eyes while kissing
and dreaming 

funny valentines day sms in marathi

Marathi sms on valentine day:

1) लग्नाच्या  आधी
Rose day 🌹
Chocolate  day🍫🍬
valentine's  day
लग्नानंतर 👇🏻
डबा  दे
चहा  दे ☕
रुमाल दे 🔲
पाकीट दे 📙                      


 2) आज तिला propose 🌹करायच ठरवल..,
उठलो गेलो घरात, 🏡
जाताना रश्शी (दोर)🏃🏃🏃🏃 घेतली, आणि निघालो तिच्याकkडे..,💑💏🙋
जर ती हो बोलली तर ठिक नायतर.... 💘💘💘💘

येताना जवळ कुठे जर गवत असेल तर...गवताचा भारा घेउन येतो..🌾🌾🌾🌾
म्हणजे हेलपाटा फुकट जाणार नाही.
पोरगी नाही निदान म्हैस तरी खुश अन् घरचे पन खुष..😂😂 .

😜गावातलं संस्कारी पोरगं...😝😝😂😂                      


 3) नवरा: तुला  या Valentine  Day  ला काय Gift हवे आहे.

बायको: मला एक Ring द्या.

 नवरा:  Landline वरून देऊ कि Mobile वरून देऊ ?                      


4) मुलगी दुकानदाराला: काका असं Valentine Day Card आहे का ज्यात लिहीलंय 'तू माझे पहिले आणि शेवटचे प्रेम आहेस'.

दुकानदार: हो आहे की..
मुलगी: बरं, पाच द्या...😂 😂