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Dream 11 -earn money in India by legal betting on cricket and football

Dream 11 -earn money in in India by legal betting on cricket and football.(payment proof 1000rs bank withdraw dream 11)

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Dream 11 is scam or legit(trusted) betting game?

Its paying on time and i got my payment in one day.
1000 rs.
total i earned 5000RS

here is proof

PAyment proof of dream 11

payproof of dream XI,witdraw proof,payment proof,bank cashout proof



Here i am with a best android App to earn money online without any investment.By creating your football or cricket team and you win or loose will depend upon performance of your selected players.Means earn money while enjoying your cricket match.
Use your cricket knowledge and earn money.Your favorite players plays and you earn cash.

Earning money with dream 11 is legal or illegal?

100% legal and approved by indian government.and govt get 30% if you win cash above 10,000/-.
dream 11 legal betting application

How its free to earn money with dream 11?

Its free because you get 100RS bonus for free if you are joining dream eleven first time.
And you can use that bonus to join contests and if you win you can withdraw it or use that cash for joining more contest.

(note:you get bonus only if you follow steps i provided by using invite code i give)

If you loose 100rs bonus then for playing again you need to add CASH for playing by using credit/debit card or net banking.

Steps to Join dream XI and get 100 RS bonus and start earning money without investment. 

STEP -1 
Download dream 11 App using link -
Download dream 11.apk -click this link for android 

for IOS iphone - click here dream 11ios app
on you computer go to

Invite code = KETAN3637VW 

STEP - 2
Install App and click on Register
STEP 3 (must required step for 100 bonus)
Click on Invited by friend link  you find it below register button

Paste or type this invite code as shown in below screenshot.
Invite code = KETAN3637VW
After adding invite code you get 40 rs in your account.For remaining 60 rs you need to  verify your mobile no and email address.
here you all done and got 100 RS bonus in your wallet that you can use to earn real cash by playing contest.

How much i can earn With dream 11 (eleven)?

It depends on which contest you have joined. There are lot of contest available. from 4RS to 100 RS

if you join 
4 rs contest then the prize for 1st ranked person is 1000 rs and 2nd 500 rs after that 200,100,50,20,15,10,5,4rs prizes are given depending on your fantasy points and ranking.

if you join 25 rs contest then you win 2 lakh rupees for 1st rank 1 lakh rupee for 2nd etc.

for 80 rs contest you win upto 5 lakh rupees for 1st rank
Other earning methods on dream11
INVITE friends and earn 100 rs per friend when he plays.

 How to play and win dream XI,dream 11 or dream 11?


1- On fixtures section select the match you want to bet on.

2- Create Team as shown in below pictures
Note= Total of players must be 11.
select 1 wicket keeper from options
select wicket keeper

select batsman upto 5 min 3

select all-rounder upto 3 at least 1

select 3 to upto 5 bowlers
 After this step your all players get shortlisted you need to make 1 player captain and 1 player Voice captain on who you believe because for Captain  you get Double points when he scores or takes wickets.for voice captain you get 1.5X points.Other players get points according to fantasy points system.

for checking fantasy point system go to below link
go to cash contest option
Final step
click on join contest and select team.

Here you all done

Now lets see how all your players perform go to Live section which is beside Fixture to see your rankings and fantasy points and performance of the players you selected.


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